DIY Guide: Adjust Your Beaded Bracelet Yourself -

How do you adjust the supplied beaded bracelet?

There are special knots (ship knots) for a beaded bracelet that you can use to tie a beaded bracelet firmly. However, we are going to teach you a method which is very efficient and easy. So that you can quickly adjust your bracelet without any hassle.

Who is this manual for? For people who have bought a bracelet and want to adjust it. Or for people who want to make their own beaded bracelet.

Beaded bracelet shrink or enlarge?

Because you can never be completely sure whether your bracelet fits well and it is easy to make a wrong size with your order. We always include an extra strong elastic thread with your order. If you want to adjust your bracelet, it is easy to do.


  • Pair of scissors
  • Bead tray or a Tupperware container (so they don't roll)
  • If possible B7000 glue (jewelry glue) or nail hardener (women) or superglue (men).

How can I adjust the bracelet?

  1. First decide how many beads you want to add or remove.
  2. Cut the current bracelet loose . And first look at the button that is hidden under the link. This will help you place your own button. On the link it falls away nicely and is no longer visible.
  3. Carefully place all the beads in a container. And add or remove beads that you don't want to use.
  4. Start with one add beads . And when these are all threaded, the final link comes last.
  5. Put 2 normal buttons at the beginning of the thread and the end of the thread. Make sure it is a little tight, not too loose.
  6. Ask another person around the hold the bracelet (so that the button is visible again). Iron a little here nail hardener on. And blow it dry. (superglue is also possible, but is often a bit aggressive).
  7. Your bracelet is finished ! Voila!

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